Untying the Knots: Reimagining the Institution as a Space of Communal Resistance

lecture of Jessica Elizabeth Taylor June 5, 2 – 2:30 pm

Inclusion is an easy buzzword these days, in politics, advertising and in the art world. But it is often misused, appropriated and self-serving. Activism is trending. But what happens to the communities when the trend turns and there is a sudden lack of engagement? By inviting the hyperlocal, art and academic institutions can gain perspective on how best to re-examine their archives and create programming that challenge and engage the audience. A more imaginative and sustainable vision for institutions emerges from experiences that react and answer feedback from the local community. This exchange is a vital and necessary part of contemporary institutions as it champions cultural and academic spaces as not only bastions of knowledge but also as beacons of socio-political exchange.

Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor (b. 1984, Florida, USA) is an artist, filmmaker and community organizer. Taylor’s work manifests through performance, text, dialogue and community building for Black People and People of Color. Her work centers on themes of ritual, visibility and identity mythology. She is chiefly concerned with ways to dismantle oppressive institutions and the creation of racial equity in art and theater. She strives to address race politics as a performer, maker and artist. She is currently pursuing her MA at Goldsmiths University of London in Black British Writing.